Sensair is a leading seller of refrigeration, air-conditioning and catering equipment from many of the world’s top brands, including

Refrigeration Equipment


  • HE2020 – Greenline
  • FED - Federal Hospitality Equipment
  • Bromic
  • FSM Food Services Machinery

Air-Conditioning Equipment


  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Fujitsu
  • Samsung

Catering Equipment

HE2020 - Lamber, Lava & Jemi

lava.jpg pic_1.png pic_2.png pic_3.png pic_4.png pic_5.png

Warranty Repairs and Service

As well as routine service and maintenance to most brands of commercial refrigeration, air-conditioning and catering equipment, Sensair handles warranty repairs and service for several major brands, including:

Primus - Camping Fridges

  • ICS Pacific
  • Bromic - Catering Equipment
  • HE2020 - Catering Equipment
  • Fujitsu Airconditioning
  • Mitsubishi Airconditioning