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Imagine if your business depends on refrigeration, like Down Under Cellars in Balga. Imagine if their fridges broke down in the height of Perth’s summer. Can you imagine Perth people buying warm drinks on a hot day!? So imagine if Sensair wasn’t around to get them back in business quickly!


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Now imagine how all these other Perth businesses would survive without Sensair coming to their rescue. No A/C inside a tavern when it’s 40degrees outside? Food going off in shops and restaurants.

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Fridges, ice machines, Air conditioners, refrigerated display cabinets…the list goes on. All kept running quietly and efficiently through Sensair scheduled maintenance.

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At Sensair, it’s all in a day’s work!

Professional, Reliable, Rapid service – Quick Smart!

We can even hire a portable air conditioner to help you out when your guests are getting hot under the collar!



Got a problem? Give us a call (08) 9303 9093. Across Perth, or across the State. We’ll sort you out – Quick Smart!

But better than wait for a problem to catch you out, call Sensair now to set up a regular maintenance schedule for your critical refrigeration, air-conditioning or catering equipment.

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