gavin.jpgSensair was founded by Managing Director, Gavin Holtom in 2001. After a virtual lifetime in the industry, Gavin sensed the frustration of seeing customers caught out by the malfunctioning of critical equipment, and unable to obtain repairs in a reasonable timeframe – especially to critical systems.

This came to a head when he saw the damage done when a major hospital was without refrigeration, and unable to obtain rapid repairs, during a hot spell.

“Enough!”, he thought. “Time to do something about it!” …and Sensair was created as a result.

Since those heady days, we’ve added staff, trained our own apprentices, picked up business across Perth and throughout WA’s mining areas, moved to bigger premises, and developed a list of hundreds of satisfied clients. We now have the equipment and expertise to handle the biggest commercial installations, but we still give the same personal – and professional – attention to small shops, hotels and taverns. That’s why our reputation has grown along with our business.

Sensair’s experienced technicians now handle

  1. Commercial Installations and service.
  2. Maintenance for commercial refrigeration, air-conditioning, catering and refrigeration equipment for taverns,hotels,cafes, supermarkets, shopping centres, hospitals and heath facilities.
  3. Service and repairs to ice machines, dishwashers, air conditioning
  4. split systems and ducted; all makes and models

Sensair guarantees to get you out of a spot, with the minimum of disruption to your business or facility. That’s our business premise, and our commitment to our customers. Putting it simply, we’ll do our best to repair yourcritical systems in a hurry… And then keep your critical systems running in tip-top condition into the future.